A Bold and High Stakes Knitting Project

I was never enamored with weddings growing up. I wasn’t one of those girls who had the whole thing planned out since childhood. I always wanted to elope. I starting thinking about weddings in pretty vague terms when I was in a bridal party, helping plan food, flowers, dresses, showers, etc. I thumbed through a few wedding magazines. I paid a little bit of attention to the ones that I attended; who had the best guest experience.

Fast forward to meeting my SO. I still wanted to elope, but he was adamant that being surrounded by friends and family was important. Still not entirely convinced, I started to think about it. The only thing that I could really start to envision was the dress. If I’m ever going to stand up in front of all my family and friends, I want to feel confident and look damn hot.

And I want to make it myself. By knitting and beading a lace layer over a sewn lining.



#1 Knitting is beautiful and enjoyable.

#2 My dress would be one of a kind


Cons/ Obstacles:

#1 I have never knit lace

#2 I have never beaded with knitting

#3 I have never successfully sewn a constructed garment without much, much help

#4 What if it doesn’t fit?

#5 What if I don’t finish in time?


Oh, there is also the minor detail; I’m not engaged. I just have a challenge now. Challenge accepted.


Here’s hoping it goes well…

What about you?

What have you started without knowing you could finish it?

What’s your bold, ambitious dream?



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