My first lace project

Keeping in mind my ambitious plan to someday make my own wedding dress, I figure I should get started learning how to knit lace.

I’ve picked easy to work with yarn and a very simple pattern with only a lace border to get my feet wet. (Pattern is documented on my Ravelry project page)


Lessons Learned

I’ve never read lace charts before this project. It’s like a picture of what it’s going to look like, but you have to translate the symbols. And wait, why are there some boxes without stitches? It is confusing to get a grasp on at first. I’m so used to everything being spelled out for me. At least I have practice with color work, so I wasn’t tripped up by the fact that if you turn the project, you have to read the chart in the opposite direction

I didn’t know what a life line was. It’s a piece of scrap yarn that acts like a second project-length “needle” which stays in place as you keep knitting. If you ever need to rip out rows, the life line below it saves all your stitches as they were before you worked them. This is SUPER important in lace work, I have learned. Yarn overs (YOs) to make the holes and other fancy stitches are really, really difficult to rip out or tink back to fix.

I’ve never blocked anything before this. It was never a problem for my sweaters or socks for fit, but is REQUIRED for lace knitting. This is what opens up the stitches. I was surprised by how much the dimensions of the garment changed when I did this. In the future to get a specific size, I guess you can block it to the dimensions with a pattern underneath.

Overall, this was a fun and pretty quick project. I think I would make a scarf/shawl bigger next time.


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