The Great Yarn Purchase

I searched through yarns on Ravelry. I asked a 20k+ facebook Knitting group for advice. I researched mulitple sellers. All in search of the ideal yarn to knit my own wedding dress.

It had to be a thin weight. It had to be sturdy. It had to be soft, and not too hot. I wanted it with a bit of luster, but without halo. Halo is the kind of fuzzy looking yarn, think mohair or angora, sometimes cashmere. Oh and of course, it had to be available in natural/undyed or white.

I researched fibers and cost. I made a spreadsheet. (I’m a nerd.) I narrowed it down. I wanted something with at least 20-30% silk.

I bought some yarn in a color and did a test knit.I am pleased to announce that I fell in love with the yarn!

I’ve purchased from Knit Picks, an online yarn seller, a few times. If you know what kind of fibers you like, it is hard to go wrong there. The quality is so much better than a big-box craft store and the prices are so much lower than an independent yarn shop (which I also advocate for!) Even better, I was able to wait and purchase during a site wide sale plus stack a bulk-discount on top of that.

Drum roll, please.

I have purchased 8800 yarns of Knit Picks Bare Gloss Fingering yarn!! I can’t wait for it to come!


Update 11/18/2016: There’s been a change…!

What about you?

What packages do you look forward to in the mail?

Fiber artists, what yarn are you in love with?


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