Faith in Art

I meet with a group of artists from my church and we are going through a book called the Hurt and the Healer by Bart Millard and Andrew Farley. We read a chapter, than do a response or reflection.

Here are a few of the responses:

Knitting as Art

I firmly believe that knitting is not just a craft, but can also be an art form. I will sometimes refer to myself as a Fiber Artist for this reason.


One of the chapters (5) was about no longer living under the rule of the Law now that Christ died for us. So in response, I am making a shawl and following no rules for counting stitches, keeping to a pattern or stitch, changing colors, weaving in all ends, etc. I will be leaving all “mistakes” as is. The colors are inspired by a sunset I saw on the way to my group. Much of the yarn is scraps.

I’ve pulled the strands apart and knit with only part of a spun yarn. I’ve started cables, converted them into i-chords, and literally woven them. I’ve tested out swing knitting.

I pick this project up occasionally, in between other things, so it isn’t done yet. But isn’t that like our lives as well? I know at least I’m still a work in progress.


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