To Boldly Go…

…Where a few daring others have gone before!

I haven’t actually even started knitting yet, but I already sometimes get overwhelmed and start to lose hope that this big, crazy project is too much for me. To stay inspired, I started researching. Who has tried this before? How long did it take? What yarn or patterns did they use?

Apparently knit wedding dresses aren’t a new concept. I found this vintage 1950’s knitting pattern.


Here are some amazing works that I found that inspired me again. Out of admiration and respect for the artists, I have linked to their work. Please view images there (requires a Ravelry account).

The Trailblazers (By their Raverly names):

Nadiad used an real dress pattern and made pattern modifications. She was done in 5 months. The free pattern link was a huge jump start in getting my creative juices flowing!

YuLian knit her dress from one of Herbert Niebling’s designs in 8 months.

Loveforlydia made her’s in only 4 months! Read about Lydia’s process and see her dress in this article!

Crafty-Effie finished in 16 months in a beautiful non-traditional color. With setting it aside she finished with only 5 days to spare!

Knitkatpaddywhack was done in 6 months with her perfectly fitted masterpiece, complete with a train. No Ravelry account? See her blog about her dress.

knitpipandpin completed her vintage inspired dress in 7 months.

Smashtime‘s beach wedding dress used one of my favorite shawl patterns. I’ve seen the Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf used as a veil, but she made it the skirt in only 5 months!

Thank you, ladies! Your pattern links, types of yarn used, and personal notes are amazing!

Update: 2/28/2017

I discovered another blog devoted to knitting a whole wedding dress. It took 2 years. Check it out here. I really appreciate how Antoinette cataloged her process and her reflection upon the finished piece.

What about you?

Who is in your community?

How do they encourage you?


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