Announcing a Change

There’s been a change.

I started doubting my yarn choice for my wedding dress. Yes, I’ve had the other yarn for almost a year. It arrived safely. It was such an exciting day when I opened that box and checked on it. The color was good, the yarn squishy. Quality check was a pass. I sealed the box back up and put it on the shelf.

Why the wait?

When I got the yarn, I still wasn’t engaged. (Still not.) I wanted to grow my skills as a knitter, but be ready to start this long-term project whenever that happens at the drop of a hat (or knee…). But a year ago I was convinced I had picked the best yarn AND got a great deal on it. At the time I even patted myself on the back for spreading out cost.

I’m now getting ready to actually start the project. I have a plan and some of the patterns picked out. I’m confident about this guy and even though we aren’t engaged yet, I am comfortable starting this project with reasonable assurances we might be some day.

So I’m set. At the start line, ready to go! But then some doubt crept in. Not about the guy or the plan. No, friends. About the yarn.

The Yarn Debate

I love the yarn I have. It was the best I could buy at the time. But then my dependable online vendor introduced something new this fall. 100% silk yarn.

I’ve been drooling over it for a few months now.

Then I confided in a fellow fiber artist. As we sat in a local coffee shop, working on our latest knitting projects in front of the fire, I told her of my secret stash. And my worries. I tested my beads and while they mostly work, sometimes it is a little difficult to thread them over two strands. What if it is too hot? And OMG, have you seen the new yarn? .

We talked pro’s and con’s and she helped me decide. It was OK to change my mind to go from something great to something perfect.

Don’t worry, the other yarn is going to be put to good use! I plan to learn to dye it myself and will make beautiful gifts, etc. with it.

The New Yarn

100% Silk, bare Luminance from Knit Picks.img_20161118_155948621

I purchased 5 skeins for a total of 4390 yards. It is less than my comfortable 8800 yards of Gloss fingering, but I had to buy that in bulk. This one I was able to buy in lesser amounts as there was no bulk discount. I still timed my buy to hit the Fall/ Thanksgiving/ Veteran’s day sale.

It arrived yesterday.

I picked the box up from the mailbox on my way to an event. It came a day earlier than expected. It sat there in the passenger’s seat all through rush hour traffic.

I finally reached my destination and was early! Score, no snow yet making travel easier and faster than anticipated! I used my car key to open the box and poured the glorious skeins over my head. Ok, actually I took them out one at a time to examine and hold them.

I save up for this annual sale, so I also received several other projects-worth of yarn.

The box

I dug through and found the silk. OOOOHHHH MY! It is soooo soft and fine. I immediately nuzzled it against my face. I may have purred. I don’t know, I was in my car by myself. There was no one to judge me.

I made a change. And it is a good one.

What about you?

Do you stick with a decision you’ve made or allow yourself to change your mind?


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