Clear the Queue

I like to have multiple projects going at once. Especially if one thing is large or will take a long time, it is nice to intersperse that with either shorter projects (for the satisfaction of a quick win!) or smaller things that travel better. I do NOT like to be caught out without a project. One time I went to get an oil change and was planning to work from the waiting room while they performed the work. All I needed was wifi- And it didn’t work!

As I was cursing the internet an adorable little old lady came in, sat down, and pulled out a blanket to crochet. We struck up a conversation, but I was sad because I didn’t bring a back up project!

Now that I’m finally ready to start my super ambitious, semi-secret project I’m departing from that plan. I’m either setting aside projects that aren’t time sensitive OR I’m trying to finish everything to clear out my current project queue.

The most pressing one for me right now is a sweater for my little sister.

A few years ago I made a really complicated fair isle sweater. I was working in a place that I could knit at the same time that I worked most of the time. Of a 8-12 hour shift, I could knit at least half of that. I FLEW through the sweater. It was the first one that I’d made and I ended up giving it to my mother because she liked it so much.

First Fair Isle Sweater.

I had a lot more yarn left over than I was anticipating and my little sister requested that I make her one next. I cast on and started knitting.

Then I changed jobs and progress slowed down. I finished the body. Then a nephew entered the scene and I started knitting baby items. I cast on the sleeves two-at-a-time style and HATED that technique. It took FOREVER and was difficult to keep track of increases. I switched to doing them individually and found that I’d made some mistakes that needed meticulous work to fix.

Long story, I’ve hit road block after stumbling block and have been working on this sweater for her for over three years. (Yikes!)

Now that it is colder weather again, it is an opportune time to finish this project and gift it. She has been super patient, even when I ask to measure her arm for the 5th time. Pictures will follow when it is (FINALLY) complete.

What about you?

Do you maintain laser focus on one thing at a time OR jump from one thing to another?


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