Carving out Space

All things (except thought experiments or day dreams?) take place in some sort of space. My most highly utilized space is a roughly 5×8 area in my room.

It is my practice space…


Work out space…


Crafting space…

  • used for storage, ball winding, and once was a make-shift loom with the warp threads suspended between the backs of two dining room chairs.


Work-from-home space… and Writing space (one of many of those).

If we’re totally honest, it is sometimes laundry drying space.

I love this area. It used to be wasted space. On the far side of the bed in my room. Before I started cello lessons or got a swift, I piled a bunch of junk over there or just plain old left it empty. I got some bookshelves and started to rearrange things. Once I started getting more organized so things had a place, I started to discover the use of the space. If I put things away promptly, the space was fresh and ready for the next thing.

My space went from the least-utilized living area to the most.

I enjoy the reminder to see the potential in something otherwise overlooked.

What about you?

Do you have a multi-purpose area in your home? Or any “wasted” space you can reclaim?


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