A Foray into Card Making

I love hand made cards. I feel the paper, heavier than the shiny printed card stock of a printed greeting card. It evokes all the feelings I want to express with a card beyond the words on it; I thought about you, this is intentional, I care. I also love that they are little works of art.

My affinity for hand made cards, however, rarely translates into MAKING cards. In the same category as jewelry making, I get overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of color, design, placement… all before it ever gets assembled. I don’t want to think too much when I craft, I just want to do. (P.S. I started a scrap book once. It’s about 60% finished after 6-7 years. I’m a “just print it from an online printing place” kind of gal.)

Another small factor is storage at my residence. There is none. No basement, limited closets and closet space. Minimal shelving. With the bulk of my closets taken up by out-of-season clothes and yarn, I don’t have the real estate to buy and store all the punches, ink, dyes, glue, paper, glitter, tools, etc. that go along with paper crafting.

So as my family got into card making, I sat on the sidelines for a while. I would go to a “techniques” class here and there where I learned how to make fancy folds or distressed looking back rounds or other color components. The part I was the most excited about, though, was that I got to go home with several new and different cards. And technically I did “make them myself”.

Then I saw this really amazing stamp set that spoke to me. While I tend to be a little more reserved in the “stuff” I have (see my notes on storage above), my sweet heart LOVES things. I’m tactile with fibers and fabric, he is tactile with toys, trinkets, statues, odds and ends. And he is a movie and video game collector. Occasionally we poke fun at each other for our different approaches to things. The stamp the spoke to me was the Bookcase Builder Photopolymer Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up.

With our anniversary around the corner, I ordered through my favorite card blogger. Stamp Witch Blog to make a personalized card for the occasion.


Note: I still borrowed the ink and die-cut for the shapes.

Who knows if I’ll add more to my personal library. For now, I’m just happy I found the perfect sentiment. (Oh, and he loved it by the way!)

What about you?

How much space do your hobbies take up?

How do you celebrate special occasions?


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