Dress Design

As I day dreamt about my dress, I would ear mark patterns or start pinning things on pinterest. You may remember, I’m not super in to weddings, so thinking about a dress is as much girly future planning as it gets for me. My secret “wedding” board has been like 2 pins for years.

Since the work is starting, I’m starting to pull together actual patterns and details to actually design this thing. I realize this is part stream-of-consciousness/ thought process and therefore is a much less formal post, thank you for sticking with me!




The stitch pattern is inspired by the diamonds from Victorian Lace Blouse by Michele Rose Orne

Design notes: I will also incorporate light beading.


In the running: Almond Pullover by Birgit Gerecke or part of the Frost Flowers


My own design. Inspired by a photo of cap sleeves.81063b2253766d98b14e6b720a7c5a91

Trims and Embellishments

Small 3-stranded cables will be used as some edges or at seams. One strand will have pearls. I may leave that one in the center and cross the other two over/ under it. This is my interpretation of a “cord of three strands”.

There will also be some birds along the side. I haven’t figured out entirely how to do this yet. It may be something that is added at the end.


The great debate; Train or not to train? Bustle? At the moment I’m leaning towards not deciding, but making it possible to add or not later.

Patterns: I LOVE Estonian lace. The bobbles and patterns already evoke flora and fauna without modification.

I’m definitely using: Ingrid Rüütli Kiri and Silvia Kiri

The Sketch


What about you?

What is your creative/ design process?


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