Art Abroad!

I don’t travel super often, but I enjoy exploring new places and cultures. From my travels I’ve found that people resonate with and bond over art, even if there is a language barrier.


On a mission trip to Nicaragua, I gathered a small crowd by doing portraits. (Pen or marker sketches).

For the past few weeks I’ve been appreciating my Scandinavian heritage visiting Sweden and Finland. The first research I did when preparing for this trip was to look up the local yarn shops, museums, and coffee shops. Conveniently, the #3 rated coffee shop in the world (Drop Coffee) is only two blocks away from the yarn shop (Litet Nystan) I wanted to visit in Stockholm.

As a special bonus I picked up some yarn spun in Sweden from Swedish sheep!

I also enjoyed a more formal art survey in the form of fantastic museums and palace walls. At Stockholm’s Nordic Museum, I found the textile exhibit fascinating. With very little signage in English (though there were guided audio tours available) I learned by some trial and error that the Swedish word for knitting is “Stickning”. Nearby on the Djurgården island, Prins Eugen’s Waldemarsudde Estate contains the largest collection of Swedish artists.

What about you?

What is your favorite country to visit?

What do you like to do or see when you travel?


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