Dress Progress Update #1

It is time for my first update!

While on vacation in Sweden and Finland, I didn’t really keep to a schedule. I started and worked on the dress when it was convenient. As anticipated, the beads made it almost impossible to work on the go- like on the train or bus rides that were my travel method of choice. I slept on the plane on the way back instead of work.

Upon returning home and getting over jet lag, I’ve settled into a schedule. My goal is to work 1 hour every day.

I decided weekly progress photos will show measurable difference without being overbearing. I’ll be taking progress pictures on Saturdays. Updates here may not be as frequent, since I like to write about other things as well.


Drum roll, please!

Progress as of 4/29/2017


  • Frog Count: 1
  • # Pieces on Needles: 1
  • Hours worked: 7:47
  • Approximate Stitch Count: 1414


I found an even tinier crochet hook that actually works with the beads!!! Check this out:

functional crochet hook

Unfortunately when I use it, it splits the yarn. Blargh! I’m still using the beading wire, which does get crimped in the middle where the bead slides off. I found it works best to do this consistently in one spot, otherwise the wire gets bent all over and the smaller beads don’t pass down smoothly.

I made a slight math mistake on the first piece. It is only supposed to be 5 inches wide on the needles. I had 8… even bigger than the final piece is supposed to be with blocking! So here’s the first attempt that was frogged:


I did about 6-7 rows before checking my work so I could measure the actual work, not just the stitches stretched on the needles. In doing so, I also decided I didn’t like the bead placement I was using.

I ripped it all out, updated my pattern chart, and cast on again. I’m actually glad I was making mistakes at this point. Hopefully I’ll get them all out of the way early! I’ve mentioned it before, but this yarn re-knits SO well! Even through beads and getting split by the crochet hook from my first attempts, I had ZERO trouble reusing the silk yarn. (My provisional cast on yarn was another story.)

What about you?

Weigh in!

What are your thoughts? Comments? Questions? Encouragement?



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