The Almost Purchase

Frost flower pattern on the top, Haapsalu pattern on the bottom. When I saw this dress on Pinterest and tracked it to a blogger’s site, my jaw hit the floor. This is almost exactly what I want. And she made it for someone else. And she has an Etsy shop. And a custom made dress is quoted at ~$1550. And it only takes a month to make plus 1-3 weeks for shipping.

It’s so close to what I want. There aren’t any beads… but I could add those after market, right…?

I’ll admit. I was tempted for a few minutes. To abandon my own efforts and take an easier path. Even spending a big chunk of change, it is probably worth it. Since I’ve started and have begun to tally up the costs behind the scenes, I know the price is reasonable. Maybe even a deal for the amount of work this type of garment takes.

I just had to remind myself of my ‘Why’. Part of the point of this undertaking was to demonstrate mastery of my craft. In the Calligraphy world, to become a Master Penman you must make your own certificate of Mastery. (See this cool story on YouTube.) I think of my dress in a similar manner.

I will probably go back and drool a few times throughout this process.

What about you?

Have you ever tried to DIY and found it was easier to bail out?

On what chores/tasks do you prefer to save time over money?


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