Baby hats; little hats… for babies!

Disclaimer: Read NOTHING into this post being close in timing to making my wedding dress. They are not related by anything other than knitting.

I’ve reached that age where friends, coworkers, and family members in my generation group are having babies. It’s often the next wave after or slightly overlapping the season of multiple weddings a year. Sound familiar? Ok, so you know where I’m at. I really enjoy celebrating milestones with those in my life, so I WILL make you something for your new baby. And it will probably be a hat.

Reasons to make baby hats

  1. Practically, even in the summer time a newborn can wear a hat, especially indoors. (We’re talking knit hats here for warmth… I’ve never knit a light weight “sun hat”, though I suppose it could be done.)
  2. They are small. That means both quick to make and that they don’t use a lot of yarn. You can get like 5 hats from a single ball of yarn. Or it is a great way to use up left over yarn that isn’t enough for a bigger project.
  3. Handmade items are appreciated
  4. They are darn CUTE!

I mean, look at these:

So cute! Color work is also super easy on such little items.

What about you?

What is your favorite gift to give or make?

How do you celebrate life events with friends/ family?


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