Progress Update #2

Lucky you! Getting more updates. And more photos this time, too!



…New Pieces!



  • Frog Count: 0
  • # Pieces on Needles*: 3
  • Hours worked: 19:22
  • Approximate Stitch Count: 8899

Number of pieces on needles isn’t necessarily meant to indicate working multiple pieces at one time and shifting back and forth, rather, the number of pieces in progress. At times, I will be working mirrored pieces at the same time to keep the increases and decreases exactly the same. The provisional cast on sort of means once started, even if I finish the top part and cast off, the pattern piece is still “on needles”.


I’m feeling pretty good about the rate of progress I’ve made. It is so exciting to see this start to take shape! I am noticing a pretty drastic decrease in my knitting rate when I add beads. Overall I’m averaging about 5 stitches per minute, though the rate is about double when I get to a section that isn’t beaded. An additional factor bringing this down is some of the time tracked is getting oriented, making calculations,or adjustments, not actually knitting.

Thus far, I’ve been hitting at least my goal of knitting an average of an hour per day. It has ebbed and flowed a bit from day to day also the notable exception of taking a planned break when I had eye surgery. With this pace, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well my hands have been holding up!

Casting on new pieces was exciting. I had to solve a slight storage problem for the first piece that is quasi-complete. It is still on needles at the shoulder seem so could potentially slide off if it gets jostled too much. My fancy solution was to just put it in a gallon sized plastic bag to protect it from snags and throw it in a drawer, aka. not keep it with the rest of the actively-being-worked-on project.

What about you?

Weigh in!

What are your thoughts? Comments? Questions? Encouragement?


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