Project Purse

I think I might be kind of a bag-lady. I don’t have a TON of purses; I prefer quality over quantity. Though I appreciate coordinating with my outfit, I land more on the function side of the fashion vs. function debate. I change purses with the season about 2x a year and SOMETIMES for a special occasion (e.g. fancy date).

It is fate! I can’t escape from destiny… That every bag, purse, or tote will eventually hold yarn. It will probably serve other purposes, too, but definitely yarn.


On kind of a “Meta” level, the cranberry purse in the above photo is even MADE out of yarn (knit then felted).


I’m often on the go. I love reading outdoors or having a quiet activity (that isn’t on a screen) available for down time. I swap out my project bag or the contents thereof WAY more often than my “daily” purse which pretty much just carries my wallet.

I pile books in the project bag. Notebooks, sketch books, my Bible, coloring books… On cabin weekends, I swap things out for a set of classic handheld games- my exception to my general No-Screens-on-Vacation philosophy.


I love the multi-functions. A portable fabric shopping bag is compact and super useful! A bigger bag that zips across the whole top is my go-to carry-on luggage piece. (In that situation you can even have a project bag within a bag… Whoa!)

The Ideal Bag

I am on a quest. To someday find the ideal knitting project bag. It’s a difficult mission. I would love a dedicated knitting/ yarn project tote that has all of the following:

  • Multiple pockets, preferably interior
  • A secure closure alllll the way across the main opening
  • Handles long enough to go over the shoulder
  • A snag-free top/ opening
  • Big enough for the essential knitting tools, but not too big as to be unwieldy
  • Sturdy, durable

I’ve thought about sewing such a unicorn bag, but the requirement gets me. Anyone want to teach me leather work??? That’s one craft I haven’t picked up yet.

What about you?

Do you have a suggestion for the Ideal Bag Quest?

What do you carry?

What is your “quest” or dream item that you are still searching for? (Or that you searched long and hard for and finally found?)



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