Progress Update #3

Were you getting anxious for another update? If you answered yes, then today is your lucky day!


5/27/2017 – No discernible progress

I decided to change up the Progress photo format (not QUITE an alliteration, but close!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Quick note- these are the Stats only from the last update to this update. You’ll get all the juicy totals nicely put together for you at the veeeerrry end. (Whenever that happens.)

  • Frog Count: 1
  • # Pieces on Needles: 7
  • Hours worked: 32:33
  • Approximate Stitch Count: 13,416


My record keeping got a lot better since I’ve been working on mirrored pieces. I wanted to make sure I knew which pattern row I was on and which ones had increases or decreases on which side… {feel free to tune out these technical details}. Anyway, even little tallies were easier than trying to remember all the time, so that’s what I did!


As I’ve finished more pieces, some of them have started to look similar in their little curled up state. I can still tell the difference when I look closely, but to make it easier on myself later, I labeled them to keep track.


What about you?

Weigh in!

What are your thoughts? Comments? Questions? Encouragement?


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