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While staying in a cabin on the lake, I woke up one morning to what appeared to be a entire wall of sunshine. There was a huge fog cloud, hugged right up to the edge of the shore. The way the sun lit it, made it look like a giant bowl of sunshine. The only way I knew the lake was still there was thanks to a passing duck. The world just stopped there.

I was in awe and inspired!

I started following fog, pulling over if I was driving whenever I found some. The way it moves, sometimes obstructing light, sometimes reflecting it; so interesting!

This series of photos is called Fog-u-scapes, a combination of the words fog+landscapes with a nod to the word obfuscate meaning “to make obscure”. My poem by the same name in interspersed through out.



A gossamer surprise when earth and heaven meet

Swirls and streaks mix and greet


Low areas rise to higher places

Across gaps to mingle in open spaces


Soft fingers stroke the land and features

Weaving between plants, buildings, creatures


Rising off open water as a gentle whist

Cool steam dancers formed of mist


Or resting still in sheer wall of apprehension

All contents held aloft in suspension


The sky bends low in polarized contrast

Hiding or highlighting; a smokey mask


Projecting either a glorious display of reflected light

Or eerie calm atmosphere, obscuring sight


Not held at bay, independent yet contained

Once lifted, the dew as testament remained


What about you?

How does nature make you feel?

What’s your favorite photo?


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