Progress Update #4

paws banner


6/24/2017 – 8/5/2017

I chose the image for this post because this project has been on pause (paws!). At least the knitting portion. I’ve made little steps in other areas, but you can’t see it in pictures.



  • Frog Count: 1*
  • # Pieces on Needles: 7
  • Hours worked: ~1:00
  • Approximate Stitch Count: Net 0


In the first week I knit for about an hour on the back pieces of my dress. I started the second stitch pattern and got tripped up again in the beading. I made a different mistake from before; I miscounted my pattern rows and beaded the wrong row! I needed to rip out about 2 rows. Since I didn’t put in lifelines (I never remember at the right time!) I either had to prepare to meticulously tink back one stitch at a time, being careful to keep the stitches from being twisted OR find some other smart method of fixing the problem.

Then the pause happened. I got very discouraged and did nothing for a while.

While I got back on my feet, I did mindless things. I did other art projects; drew, colored. I also wound more hanks of my lace yarn into balls. When I’m finally really to continue on the skirt, I will need 8 live ends or 4 balls of yarn with both ends in play to knit all pieces at the same rate. I also sewed a new dress to test out the pattern for the lining of the wedding dress.


When I was finally ready to start thinking about this project again, I kept coming back to a story in the Odyssey. Odysseus was travelling back from war, trying to get home to his wife. At home, Penelope was under pressure to move on and marry one of her many suitors. She delays by dedicating herself to a grieving process; weaving a burial shroud for her father-in-law. Each night, she undid the progress she made that day.

This story really speaks to me right now as I go through this relationship journey. Though undoing part of my work isn’t a delay, this story reminded me of the nature of a long work. A set back is not a loss.

So when I was ready this last week, I finally picked back up my dress to fix the pattern. Fortunately, it was at a place in the pattern where all the stitches below and above it were knit stitches, not a complicated portion of the lace. Rather than rip out the whole row, I actually just dropped the stitches when I reached them on the next row. I dropped them down two rows, pulled the bead off, and fixed with a crochet hook. I guess sometimes putting a problem on the shelf allows a solution to present itself. (Sorry, no blooper reel! I normally try to take photos of my mistakes because I love sharing the human side of things, but this was really difficult to get clear photos.)

What about you?

Weigh in!

What are your thoughts? Comments? Questions? Encouragement?


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