Bird Tatts

Surprise! No, I'm not talking tattoos! "Tatting" is another method for making lace that doesn't fall under knitting or crocheting. It is somewhat related to crocheting and is typically done with a shuttle or hook, though there is also a version called needle tatting that uses knitting needles. I am using a combination of tatting, … Continue reading Bird Tatts


Double Knitting Tips and Tricks

Double knitting is a really cool technique where the fabric is reversible. Both sides are "Right Sides". Typically the pattern is the same on both sides, but the colors are reversed or a mirror of each other. Now friends, when learning a new technique you can start at the easiest level. Do a test swatch … Continue reading Double Knitting Tips and Tricks


While staying in a cabin on the lake, I woke up one morning to what appeared to be a entire wall of sunshine. There was a huge fog cloud, hugged right up to the edge of the shore. The way the sun lit it, made it look like a giant bowl of sunshine. The only way I knew the lake was still there was thanks to a passing duck. The world just stopped there.