Double Knitting Tips and Tricks

Double knitting is a really cool technique where the fabric is reversible. Both sides are "Right Sides". Typically the pattern is the same on both sides, but the colors are reversed or a mirror of each other. Now friends, when learning a new technique you can start at the easiest level. Do a test swatch … Continue reading Double Knitting Tips and Tricks


Fall aka Knitting Season

Around the middle of August I start thinking about fall. In my area of the world it means it starts to get cold and here it can last about 6 months.¬†Whether you love it or hate it, either way it means knitting season! Both the time to stay inside and knit by the fire AND … Continue reading Fall aka Knitting Season

Baby hats; little hats… for babies!

Disclaimer: Read NOTHING into this post being close in timing to making my wedding dress. They are not related by anything other than knitting. I've reached that age where friends, coworkers, and family members in my generation group are having babies. It's often the next wave¬†after or slightly overlapping the season of multiple weddings a … Continue reading Baby hats; little hats… for babies!