Bird Tatts

Surprise! No, I'm not talking tattoos! "Tatting" is another method for making lace that doesn't fall under knitting or crocheting. It is somewhat related to crocheting and is typically done with a shuttle or hook, though there is also a version called needle tatting that uses knitting needles. I am using a combination of tatting, … Continue reading Bird Tatts


Progress Update #4

Progress 6/24/2017 - 8/5/2017 I chose the image for this post because this project has been on pause (paws!). At least the knitting portion. I've made little steps in other areas, but you can't see it in pictures.   Stats Frog Count: 1* # Pieces on Needles: 7 Hours worked: ~1:00 Approximate Stitch Count: Net … Continue reading Progress Update #4